Healthy Lifestyle Without Diets And Tiresome Workouts

Hi! I am a certified, trained and experienced Integrative Health and Wellness Coach who's on a mission to help people who are struggling to adopt and maintain a healthy, balanced and stress-free lifestyle by habit and behavior change methodologies.

I believe in empowering people like you, to be their own health expert. Let's begin your transformative journey with me as your personal coach.

“Remember, you have the capacity to choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health!” 

Joseph Murphy

What Is Health And Wellness Coaching? 


Sazia Queyam- health and Wellness Coachi

Coaching+Technology=Trackable Results 

Reach Your Personal Health Coach Sazia Queyam From Any Device Conveniently 

Through insightful conversation get to know your lifestyle, medical history, goals, strengths, areas of improvement, etc.

According to your goals and needs, we will co-create a road map or blueprint of your transformative journey.

Start implementing the techniques, tricks and solutions into your daily routine which we will regularly monitor through follow-ups helping us stay focused and motivated.

By using various prompts, worksheets, charts keep track of our actions and evaluate time to time.

According to periodic evaluation/tests make continuous improvement and keep adding healthy habits and behaviors to achieve our goal and avoid relapse.

Scientific Evidence-Based Approach

Customized according to your health needs and capability to make it sustainable throughout your life.


Health and Wellness

For those who want to improve their overall health and well-being.

Weight Management

For those who are looking for weight gain or weight loss by adopting sustainable methods.

Sports Performance

For those who want to improve their fitness level or want to train for sporting events.

Physiotherapy and Pre/Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Need therapeutic exercises for your diagnosed ailment. This program is right for you. Physiotherapy from the comfort of your home.

Reproductive Health/Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Want to be active, healthy and safe during your pregnancy and beyond. This program will prepare you for a confident, joyous journey ahead.

Chronic Lifestyle Disease Management

Program for those having any of these lifestyle disorders-Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunction, PCOD, Chronic back-pain, etc.



Trustworthy Partnership

Downloadable Health record

Realistic doable Tasks

Instant messaging and Email intergration

Performance Insights/Analysis

Easy payment and refund policy

Holistic Approach of Coaching

Easy Appointment scheduling and reminders

Multi-device Access

Digital Food and Lifestyle Journal

Fun engaging courses


What The Research Says

Mayo Clinic experts suggests that wellness coaching, can produce substantial lifestyle improvements that align with an individual’s personal values, and foster confidence to sustain these changes even after the program has concluded.

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