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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaching offers a personalized program where you work one-on-one with a Certified Health Coach to achieve your health goals in a  sustainable way.

This coaching method uses evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client/patients in health behavior change.

How can Health and Wellness Coaching benefit me?

A health coach is trained to help you set achievable goals, discover inner motivation, navigate challenges and build confidence to enable lasting behavior change. A coach can also work with you and your doctor to develop a healthy lifestyle plan.

This program can help you:-
1. Improve a chronic condition ( such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD ).
2. Get a better night’s sleep.
3. Find ways to relieve stress.
4. Make different food choices.
5. Enhance your fitness performance.
6. Build healthy lifestyle and routine.
The list goes on....

Which health coaching program should I enroll for?

It depends on what area of your health and lifestyle you want to work upon or improve. Schedule Free Discovery Session with Coach Sazia to figure out which program will benefit you the most.

Is my coach certified/qualified?

Yes. Health coaches are professionals having University degree in any healthcare discipline along with health and wellness coaching certification from the International board.

Having a certification provides a minimum standard and measure of foundation competencies: the knowledge, training and skills essential to the practice of health and wellness coaching. 

Click here to know more about your Coach Sazia Queyam credentials.

What will be the method of coaching delivery?

The coaching is offered in two different ways:-
1-on-1 Sessions and Set of sessions. 

All these sessions will be conducted ONLINE ( Audio/Video Call). The portal is HIPAA compliant and fully encrypted ensuring your privacy.

How can I make payment to enroll in a given program?

All the payments will be accepted ONLINE( NEFT, credit card/debit card/paypal/paytm). After selecting slot for your premium session, you'll be guided towards the payment page to complete the transaction and successfully book your session.

Can I follow health coaching along-side my medical treatment or therapy?

Health coaching complements regular medical care by offering ongoing, personal support over time. The fact is, the average patient-physician interaction lasts only 5-15 mins . It’s enough time to quickly note symptoms, assign a diagnosis, and prescribe a drug or other medical intervention. However, it doesn’t leave time for ongoing, detailed conversations about the contributing role of numerous lifestyle factors related to the condition itself or its effective treatment.

Health coaching sessions, on the other hand, are all about personal support. A health coach can help a client understand more about his/her diagnosis and assist him/her in following through on the doctor’s treatment plan. Most notably, coaching can incorporate powerful lifestyle changes to augment that plan.

Are my personal details, medical history and anything shared during program/sessions kept private?

What if, I am not satisfied with the coaching services or I want to discontinue?

All your personal information and data exchanged will be kept private and secured. 
Before the commencement of our sessions we will share the agreement/contract with required terms and conditions.
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