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health and wellness


“Health is a state of the body, wellness is a state of being.”
– J. Stanford

People often think that wellness is only circled round physical health – proper nutrition, regular physical exercise or maintaining a healthy weight. Truth is that wellness is much more than that, wellness comprises of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and it is about having a balanced and fulfilled life.

The word wellness is universally used to describe a state of being. Oftentimes, it is used without much in-depth understanding of its meaning. This leads to the question of what wellness means, why you need to be well and the various factors that influence wellness. 
Wellness is a broad term and its meaning to different individuals is often tailored along the line of life experience and cultural background.

Generally, wellness is defined as the quality or state of being in good physical and mental health. It is worthy to note that mental health and physical health are both interconnected; as such, problems and or improvement in one area can impact the other and vice versa. Wellness is not the absence of illness and or stress; rather, it is the overall well-being that is evolving, positively impacting and all-inclusive.

Wellness is a journey that is continuous throughout one’s lifetime; it is not a once-off event that can span through the remaining lifetime of an individual. 

Attainment of a state of wellness requires conscious effort that is multidimensional, holistic and directed towards self-development. It is therefore important to make healthy, positive choices and build everyday habits that will promote both your physical and mental well-being. These healthy choices may possess the capacity to help individuals live longer healthier lives, manage their present state of health and aid their recuperation from sickness, wound, and or addiction.

Wellness encompasses eight mutually and co-dependent dimensions:

  1. Physical wellness,

  2. Emotional wellness,

  3. Financial wellness,

  4. Spiritual wellness,

  5. Occupational wellness,

  6. Intellectual wellness,

  7. Environmental wellness, and

  8. Social wellness.


All dimensions of wellness do not have to be equally balanced but should be in harmony, they all require attention for us to thrive because neglect of anyone overtime will negatively affect the others.

Coach Sazia Queyam advocates the holistic approach to health transformation which focuses all these areas of your life. With her expertise and experience she utilizes different coaching methodologies to co-create your personalized journey.

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