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10 Reasons Why Your Fitness Program Is Not Giving You Results

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Have you been undergoing a fitness program, but haven't seen any positive results? Don’t worry, because we have the reasons as to why your fitness program might not be giving you the results you want, along with how to solve them! Read on, and always remember -- stay hopeful!

1. Vague Teaching Methods

Oftentimes, instructors in gyms offer teaching methods that might not be understandable or coherent. The use of jargon that we are not familiar with might scare or confuse you. In such cases, the thorough teaching of the science behind every action explained in simple terms will help you be more open to adopting every aspect of the fitness program.

2. Disregards Mental Health

A good fitness program must consider all aspects of health, including mental health. Mental health is a pivotal aspect of fitness. Without proper headspace, the body will not cooperate with any sort of training. Therefore, it is important for trainers to integrate mental training into the fitness program. This can be through separate sessions dedicated to talk about any of the issues the clients might be facing, or offering psychological support to help alleviate the effects of a persistent mental disorder.   

3. Using The Wrong Approach

A lot of fitness programs offer solutions to lose weight rapidly. This is an unhealthy approach to trying to get fit. Achieving your health goals should be a sacred, and patient process. It is important to treat your body with love and care. Such ‘rapid’ treatments put your body through unnecessarily strenuous conditions, which might later lead to further health complications. Examples of such approaches are liquid diets, imposing strenuous workout patterns on someone who is new to the concept of gymming, etc.

4. Poor Goal Setting

While commencing any sort of fitness program, it is important to maintain a dead-seat goal that you are working towards. The goal that you set must be at the perfect equilibrium of challenging and realistic. It should be hard enough to motivate you continually, but should also be realistically achievable. At the same time, the whole journey is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, to ensure that you are having a good time. Keeping note of daily progress is a brilliant way to keep track of how close you are to achieving your post. 

5. Lack of Awareness

The best fitness trainers continually explain what you should expect while reaching a particular milestone. The human body goes through a multitude of changes during the course of a fitness program. The trainer must clearly explain all these changes to you, thereby reassuring you about the changes to your body. This helps you become aware of these changes, and not get intimidated or scared. 

6. Underlying Chronic Diseases

Sometimes, a lot of people don’t see visible changes in their bodies because of an underlying chronic disease such as Hypothyroidism, Obesity, or Diabetes. There might also be a difficulty in performing certain exercises due to persistent Asthma or Arthritis. In such cases, it is essential that your trainer properly understands your struggles by having a thorough introduction about all your medical issues and suggesting methods to overcome these issues, as well as personalizing a fitness program suitable to you. 

7. Embracing The Stages Of Life

Certain periods of your life, especially for women, might cause you to see insignificant changes in your fitness. These could be periods, pregnancy, menopause, etc. The feeling of bloatedness or the discomfort that persist as a result of such times may pose as a hindrance to properly exercise and see the results. 

8. Law Of Repulsion

Years and years of the media portraying that gymming is a strenuous process, makes us believe that we are not cut out to workout and get fit. Diets seem like hard work, working out seems tiring, jogging is too sweaty, etc, etc. Such preconceived notions cause us to find the whole aspect of fitness repulsive. And this might lead us to never adopt such healthy changes to our lives. 

9. Knowledge Implementation Syndrome (K.I.S)

Sometimes, we tend to learn and follow the fitness program as if it is a course. And upon completion of the program, we only retain the theoretical knowledge but fail to implement the practical knowledge into our daily life. This makes the whole point of the fitness program redundant. It is important to begin implementing everything you learn in the program into your daily life, one step at a time. 

10. Drugs Interfering with Physiology

The misuse or overdosing of drugs that have been prescribed by doctors, solely for medical purposes, might threaten your health and stand in the way of your fitness goals. Be sure to conduct thorough research, talk to your personal trainer and doctor, to make sure that your medicines aren’t interfering with your fitness program. Be sure to reduce/quit the consumption of such addictive medicines, if it is found to be toxic to your well-being. 

It is important to remain hopeful with such fitness programs and keep persevering. But at the same time, be sure to meet up with your doctor to check for any medical issue that might come in the way of your fitness training. 

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