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Top 10 credible health websites to follow on the Internet [2020 EDITION]

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

During this current worldwide pandemic, a lot of health-related journals and columns are thriving with traffic due to the never-ending list of questions that people are throwing. While having a lot of health information is really valuable at this time, it is also essential to make sure that the information is from credible and trusted sources. We’ve helped you by curating a list of the most factual health sites on the internet.

1. British Nutrition Foundation

The British Nutrition Foundation has a very trustworthy website packed with information regarding all the aspects of nutrition and health. They also conduct webinars on a lot of healthy eating topics. The past webinars can also be found as they have been recorded. Overall, this is a site you must follow for great health advice!

2. WebMD

Pop into WebMD for your daily dose of health and disease-related information. The site posts credible articles covering all aspects of healthcare, medicine, and wellness. An impressive trait of this website is the fact that they cover nearly every heath disorder, so you can always find information on just about anything. 

3. Yoga Journal

Yoga is currently a sought-after form of exercise because of its holistic approach to wellness. This website is perfectly curated with all the yoga poses along with their health benefits. The most impressive thing about the website is the categorical classification of poses, depending on your health goals, anatomy, age, etc. 

4. National Health Portal of India

The nation-wide portal is chock full of trustworthy health information, and treatments. Most of the articles promote self-healing methods, and they also have government-approved news on various decisions taken by the health ministry. Do follow this site’s activities or credible news and information. 

5. Obesity Action

With the growing reports of obesity, this treatable disease has now become a worldwide health concern. Over the last decade, there has been a spike in the number of kids being diagnosed with obesity. Be sure to bookmark this website for factual information regarding obesity, and how you can prevent and treat it. 

6. Ace Fitness

This website is stocked full of every exercise imaginable, so you can maintain good physical health from home. The exercises are perfectly classified depending on which part of the body you want to exercise. Moreover, all these exercises are recommended by trained professionals and so there is no doubt about the credibility. Make sure to check it out to curate your physical exercise regime. 

7. Psychology Today

It is not entirely necessary to have a psychologist tell you how to take care of your mental health. With credible sources such as Psychology Today, you can get a scientific and understandable insight into the workings of the brain, and how you can maintain your mental health. 

8. Drugs

Have you ever been prescribed medication but would like to gain more knowledge about it? Worry no more, because this website is full of information on all the pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. Along with information as such, they also have a lot of news and research on currently prevalent diseases. Be sure to check them out for a repository of knowledge.

9. Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health foundation focuses on all aspects of mental health such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. This is a really important link during these trying times when the pandemic has been offsetting a lot of mental health disorders amongst people. Check it out for the best information to keep your mental health in check. 

10. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic’s website is the world’s leading online healthcare portal, with doctors working ‘round the clock to offer you medical support and information. Log into the website for an in-depth understanding of a lot of prevailing health disorders.

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