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Why Some People Gain Weight After Marriage, And Ways To Prevent It

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

So, you’ve just gotten married to the love of your life and it’s like a bed of roses. You’re having an exciting time living with your partner, and discovering new things about them.  But, let’s say a year later after all the sparkly magic has waned off, you look into the mirror and notice something feels off. You’ve suddenly developed a rounder, chubbier face, love handles on the sides of your hips, and the numbers on the weighing scale offer no consolation. ‘How did I put on all this weight?’ you question in panic, wondering if you’d even fit into your old wedding dress at this point! Well, worry no more, since we’ve found the reasons as to why some put on weight after marriage.

1. Honey-moon Effect

Right after marriage, most modern couples are whisked off into the honeymoon phase. This can be a few days to a month-long vacation or retreat, away from all the hustle and bustle that they were accustomed to right before their marriage. This period of vacationing might lead to your indulgence in a lot of comfort food, packed with calories. But who cares, right? As long as you’re with the love of your life, having a great time, your brain dismisses such trivial issues and encourages you to grab another handful of those golden french fries!

2. Socializing Actively

Say you’ve returned back from your honeymoon. And now? Your friends and relatives want to get to know your spouse better! And it’s the same case with your spouse’s side! They’re all asking to grab dinner or lunch, to acquaint themselves with you, informally. In this way, you tend to have a lot of fun getting to socialize over bottles of wine and rich food. And before you know it, you’ve eaten out so many times, you’ve started losing count!

3. Getting Influenced by your Partner

Even if you’ve been an active person who’s worked out frequently, your partner might not have been that way before your marriage. And this might cause you to get influenced by their lax behavior. Soon you start skipping the gym just to cozy up with your partner over a tub of popcorn, and some movies. 

4. Late Night Habits

While it is very romantic to spend those late nights, cozying up with your partner, talking about everything under the moon, and discussing your future plans, these sessions also lead to erratic sleep patterns, thereby instigating mid-night cravings. This might cause you to open up a tub of ice cream, a bag of chips, or maybe even order in from your favorite 24/7 restaurant!

5. Prioritizing your Career

Marriage is oftentimes considered to be a new chapter in one’s life. Following up on this, it is natural for a lot of married couples to want to work hard and earn enough to provide themselves with a cushiony, comfortable married life. This might cause their personal health to take a backseat in their priorities, and they often neglect their fitness regimes. 

6. Content with Looks

Psychological studies show that women are content with how they look after marriage, thereby cutting back on the need to exercise and get into shape. Once they’re married to their partners, they are confident that they will be loved regardless of their external appearance. And this might lead to losing motivation to exercise and stay fit. 

7. Increased Stress Levels

Along with all the rosy and cheery aspects of married life, there comes a slew of responsibilities such as cooking, looking after in-laws and managing the house, taking care of your kids (if you have any), making sure everything is clean and in place, etc. These newfound responsibilities might lead to stress outbursts, which often result in binge-eating sessions. 

Although marriage is a new, beautiful chapter of your life, it is essential that you take the necessary precautionary methods to stay in shape and healthy, while going on this lovely journey with your spouse. After all, health is definitely more important than wealth. And only if both you and your partner are living a healthy life will you be able to enjoy the beauty of marriage. 

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